The Ethnika

The painted and unpainted Africa still hangs in the
minds of people across the world, dimensionally and
directionally weaving tapestry filled with colors of delight, perplexity and beauty dyed in pains of slavery
and colonialism but fused and bonded by intense efforts
of the weavers and the Painters…
…From the beautiful rising sun of each day,the journey
through the jungles and digital highways of Africa varies in it’s caress and love to the harsher realities etched in the beings of multicoloured cultural definitions,
That deep past stands largely in disconnect with the present
for the unknowns in history may one day rise as inventions
in a future primitive world.
We as Africans have awakened to a reality of being Actors in the plays and interface riding the pace,the fun,the lie,the sanctity and sacred manifestations of creation through times…

Tony G. C. Akudinobi