Odum Egege

He cried a curse unto a king…. in
the throes of death and pains of
being skinned alive, sitting on the ground soaked we by his own blood, the
cruel knives of the king’s men cut skin flesh but sometimes scraped his
bones…. shouts of agony and wails of a dying man…


The lion of his people, the connected with the spirit world. The priest lion who
sacrificed his blood to uplift the rights of the free born, in the death the echoes of
the year tortured screams have wailed up a dirge that has crossed to the
realms of spirit where your once would connect with your back just against
the wall….. this requiem mass will last forever.
The whiteman sojourned from other lands., the Almighty see, the Godesses
with the mermaids let them reach our lands.
They left their lands with their mission and guns and raised the minds of the
rulers with alchohol and mirrors destroyed our peaceful deities. They have
segregate our goals in afterlife and wrought the paths of our life with spikes
filled with venom. Where did the storms go and were the mermaids sleeping
when they care and annointed evil on the thrones or channels of manuplation
They have turned our feet backwards and our face forwards, where do we
go from there as the lack of the Golden hearts of the sungods dim in our innervision.
power and might, honour and Glory will be unto their God and the waters lands,
the darkness that begets the dawn will never cease to cry to the
creator in agony of purehearts and love of our gods


Your skin has been used to make a drum in the palace of the king that has
died and been buried…his grave his people will never know…. And that drum
at any sound will wake up the wrath of thunder and strife of anquish onto
lands knew not the dreams and mission of the whiteman. They have forever
built a fence of spikes and razor between kinds and brother…

ODUM EGEGE…in your rest find a cause to reach beyond the razor fence
and call the king brother.


The color of the oil they want has changed and they have
brought strife, pain, and warped the channels of manupulation into viteful
greed…blood soaked vision of a new rule. We have not called for a new
curse but a new course in the hearts of these channels so our inner vission of
our inner vision of the Golden lake of the Sungods will shine in a wakwful

“Isi Nkapi rulu n’okpukpu”