Dis Chair

Dis Chair….
will sit the fast bottom and the small nyash.
the chair will not be swallowed by the fish like Jonah.
but this chair will beget many fish.
Dis chair will throw up parts of the Dead Sea scrolls sunk in the Atlantis.
Dis chair will tell of culture  past and fusions of the present projected  into a primitive future.
Dis chair will be seen in afterlife seated in the middle.
Dis Chair  will not be sacrificed but sacrifice itself.
The chicken, sheep and human blood will tell the history of black people, white people and all people.
Dis Chair  will not speak pain, fear, hate, but  hope, faith and charity.
Dis Chair  is about the mother cuddling the cry of a baby.
Dis Chair  is a rest  form for all on their paths in the wilderness of life,
for on it you can stand  and see the golden lake of the sun gods. Dis Chair’s song is silence, solitude and deep thinking.
Dis Chair will not tell lies, half truths, economics, political, mental, social,  monstrosities  but rather the simplicity of life through  love, work and prayer.
All Dis Chair  projects is the still voice, the smile of a madman, the heart of a child through the toothless smile of innocence. Dis Chair is the anthem of the oppressed, the black man, the
slaves, Red Indians, Australian  bushman, a common fate cast in the diamond  of upliftment of all mankind.
On Dis Chair  sits the glory of the past Gods, the future  totems
and man’s inexplicable connection to the divine.
But Dis Chair will haunt corruption, extortion, deprivation, mundane  glory, evil, wickedness and Dis Chair will be guarded by the angel of light but will guide the light.
Dis Chair’s presence will follow you like a shadow in your soul for it is a part of your being! Your being!! your  being!!!




Dis Chair...will sit the fast bottom and the small nyash.Inspired by Mutabaruka. By Tony Akudinobi.


August 26, 2015


Crown of Torns and the African Halo