In Support of African Designs Roundtable ADR

For the past thousand years or more, black Africans have been undergoing constant psychic bombardments with artilleries designed to kill, including the displacements accompanied by uncanny characteristics so brutal in nature that it placed an indelible stamp on the psyches of these people called the African or the Black people also known as the Black-man in this work. Narcissistically it seem as if there are no longer anything like the “Black-man” in all realities, what we take as “the Black-man” of today or “modern” Black people are nothing but what the great Franz Fanon called “the Whiteman’s artifact”. When there are no original minds, there are no people. Remove the mind, remove the people and remove the empire, tomorrows empires are built with today’s mind.

The quality of man is based on his or her cognizance as determined by their mental attitudes, in order words, the mind is the seat of all intelligence. “The mind is a terrible thing to waste” goes a saying credited to the United Negro Fund. How does the mind get wasted? The mind gets wasted by limiting or restricting it potentials and capabilities by any means.

The restricting or limiting the mind brings about underdevelopment, suggesting a lack of cognitive tendencies, meaning; the underdeveloped mind is a retarded mind, a delayed or on a “yet to” situation. Generally, failing or refusing, any limitations or restrictions to act as supposed suggest a mental retardation, an interfered mind or a limited mental attitude.

“Tomorrows empires are that of the mind” said Sir. Winston Churchill.

The free mind is capable of developing ways to serve itself and its community, this is achieved by knowing as in being familiar, mastering and intimidating its environment. These enables the mind to harness t its environment for both the betterment and the improvement of the society.

Nature operates in such a way that each mind or “self” is capable of doing and achieving anything, there are nothing like “advanced” or “developed”, but our innate cognitive powers which exposes it’s characteristics when we start controlling our minds or take control of our “selves”. Due to his distorted and caged mind set, the “Black-man” has metamorphosed into what they call a “negro”, into what they want us to be, do we play along and remained chained inside a deep sleep?

AFRICAN DESIGN ROUND-TABLE(ADR) is African, African in all senses. The initiative was started by a dual conscious Africans, “dual” in the sense that those involved are masters of both the domineering cultures and the dominated African culture, yet strikingly refused to get alienated, instead dedicate their lives in studying and researching the core African mind in order to bring out its best. ADR is designed to be a wake up to African realities for the world by Africans. The state of minds that brings one back to reality after the sedative effect of induced (narcotic: as toxins in us) is known as awakening, a wake up to a consciousness. This is the revival of interest or attention, it is recognition, a realization, or coming into awareness of something, nothing defines the consciousness of man like his initiatives graphically portrayed as arts, when this is achieved, the others follow.

It is time the world wake up from their narcotic induced sleep and shake off its sedative effects. It’s time to challenge somnambulism placed on all African initiatives. It is time to regain and research our heritage and come back and be on defense of it not of deviance to our minds, its time we take back our destinies and be ourselves, it time to question the characteristics and values of that which keeps us asleep, it is time to have them examined and isolated or at least dilute the cause.

Nothing destroys a society more than the insecurity brought about by the compromises of the mind which creates limitation and restriction of its capabilities, we call this the colonization of the mind and no matter how politically correct one may want to become, and it is nothing but slavery and enslavement. The future of any society is inside the minds of today, which ever ways the mind is prepared today will be a reflection of the society in future. Art is the greatest expression of man’s desires. It is the highest testament that a civilization once blossomed anywhere. In this age of Obama stride, it will only be positive for the world to reach out to understand and support our heritage as seen by the eyes of today and from the experience of those schooled and learned in the various aesthesodic wonders of different races so that they may perfect on theirs, that is what AFI is all about. These are not done by speeches or rhetoric, but by virtual conversations aesthetically guaranteed and of course warranted to stimulate the minds. Virtual conversations are natural, constant, and spontaneous when compared to political speeches which are just too artificial because they are designed for the moment as compared to the wonders for virtual conversation that are designed forever.

The reality of waking up such consciousness is to create a new day, a new dawn. It is to get off the matrix, a new essence of life. Waking up is a slow in artificial process; it has to be steady with magnitude and direction, AFRICAN DESIGN ROUND TABLE acknowledges that. “One of the problems Africans have today is what may be called “hurried awakening”, this is when the body is forced to wake up while its main engine, the mind, is still fast asleep, the body will surely fail and then fall because it is not stable” wrote an African icon Ayi Kwei Armah. ADI is taking this step as a courageous initiative for the poorly prepared souls to wake up in prepared states for when the mind awakens the body as in arts. Incomplete awakening is a state of blindness masquerading as sight.

What ADI is all about is to elucidate the essence of natural awakening to African Arts, to release this in-habitation of the mind to empty bodies by the thinking African minds united for a shared goal, ADR knows that when this happens, nothing can stop or destroy it. When handled right, ADI will succeed in a self-definition of righteousness called power which will have the blessings of the day and the stabilities of the awakened; it will be energized by the powers of the cosmos which is also in harmony and balance, to blossom, thereby revealing its spiritual and intelligent features that will support its physicality that clamor for identity and awareness and a defined and definite answer to calls which is the essence of BLACK POWER.

With these in mind, we call for the support of all that is right, all that appreciate the mind and its capabilities and power, its wonders, its creations, its beauty as defined by the unique senses and minds of the “jungle” man integrated.

Chike Amene