Chairs Constantly Wondering!

Is it possible that there is a co relationship between “Dinta” the hunter who combs the thick rain forests of Ohafia and the Director of Nigeria Stock exchange.

Perhaps Obioma the normadic tailor as he trods through the urban sprawl of lagos might just has direct acquaintance of the ultra-modern telecommunication satellite module in the Ikoyi digital telephone exchange

In unflinching hope and aggressed resilience,We dream in colours but live in the reality of black and white; courtesy of erratic electricity supply in a state where artificial poverty is the result of Nshiko’s crooked political travails.

Ishike the stubborn man, many on the global platform have described him as the arrogant Nigerian.

But Isike himself sees what is often seen as arrogance simply as the utter refusal to be intimidated no matter what the odds may present.

Tony Akudinobi’s pieces captures this dichotomy that is clearly metamorphosing into a romantic fusion of distant cultures and sensibilities.

The furnitures or whatever anyone may choose to call them is an interpretation of our newfound globalisation.

Tony’s chairs are constantly wondering how African are continually striving to adopt alien and contemporary trends whist holding fast their ideals and traditions as Africans.

Uche James Iroha
Conductor at Photo.Garage and award winning photographer